Insect School

We have more and more often the pleasure of being invited by public and private schools to deepen the lessons and studies in reference to the sustainable topics and “climate change” by introducing the students into the world of edible insects. Our training program offer lessons that discusses this topic within different group works and a cooking workshop, adapted to the student’s age and various classes.

One of our last beautiful experiences was the invitation to the high school “Schadow Gymnasium” in Berlin Zehlendorf. In collaboration with the sociologist and journalist Andreas Müller we organized a 2 days workshop for students of the 11th and 12th grade.

On the first workshop day we watched together a documentary about climate change, read an article by Andreas Müller and discussed together the social, economic, ecological and legislative aspects of edible insects. A group of students created by the end of the day colorful posters as summary of their learnings. On the second workshop day we introduced into the breed and farming of flour worms and cooked together some simple dishes with insects.

We were surprised and deeply touched when we saw in what short time these young students explained with pride and enthusiasm to the rest of the school the advantages of eating edible insects and invited their school mates to try the home made dishes on their “insects-buffet”.

We often say that “people are afraid of what they do not know”, exactly for that reason I think it is very important, in recent years, to work on sharing knowledge related to the world of insects. This will help to fascinate more and more people and overcome the barrier of disgust. Especially the work with children and young people, who are our future, is the main mission of Mikrokosmos.