Follow me.reports: Super Food oder super eklig?

A couple of days ago Aminata Belli from follow me.reports visited us at Markthalle Neun and made the ultimative Mikrokosmos-Test: Super Food or super ugly? – was her question. Check the video below and know more about their work:

About the report:
Lunch is ready! Today on the menu: worms, crickets and maggots! Sounds “ugly”, but for many people it’s THE food of the future. For Aminata, the meeting with insect cook Nicole Sartirani will be a test of courage: Will she dare to eat insects herself? Her new “follow me-reports” reportage brings Aminata to Berlin-Neukölln. In a normal flat in a normal home Nicole has her very own micro-farm of crickets and worms. Nicole is an insect cook, breeds insects for herself and sells certified animals on a food market in Berlin-Kreuzberg. How does one come up with the idea of making food out of insects? To spice it up and crunchy snacks, to eat pasta or rice or even to conjure up dishes like burgers?

More about the follow me.reports here on Youtube & Instagram.