MikroKosmos is a „growtainer“ of ideas and projects that focuses on the universe of insects with the purpose to help overcome the gap of disgust and fear towards them. We try to awaken consumer curiosity about edible insects and inform about their nutritional and environmental value. Besides our restaurant in Berlin-Kreuzberg, we are present at street food markets, events, fairs and offer workshops, cooking classes and many other activities. The three main fields of interaction of Mikrokosmos are:


True to the saying: “The way to the heart of a human being is through the stomach”, we bring edible insects closer to people by preparing them deliciously and letting them taste. Whether in our restaurant or at various street food markets. Like our stand at Markthalle Neun in Berlin since 2017. >> Discover more


To surprise consumers and customers, we not only organize creative pop-up events, but also offer private caterings and dinners – inspired by the world of insects and bringing together culinary, arts and music. >> Discover more


Through cooking classes, Insect Farming workshops, lectures, as well as our website, we aim to educate consumers about the nutritional and environmental value of insects, discuss current scientific research projects, and show the different ways to bred and prepare edible insects. >> Discover more