About Diego

Diego Castro learned the art of cooking in his home country of Peru. He was just nine years old when he started to prepare his first meals as he felt he needed to add more flavours to the food he was eating at home. The Castro family have a ranch in the countryside just outside the city of Arequipa, where Diego’s father, an agricultural engineer, farmed horses, cows and sheep as well as many different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Diego, the youngest of four children and the only boy, grew up with the idea of becoming a farmer himself, but after 4 years of Agricultural Engineering at university, he realised that he preferred cooking animals and vegetables to farming them. 

He revolutionised his life, moving to Lima and attending the Cordon Bleu cooking school. Straight out of school, he started working and gained multiple different experiences as a chef. He worked in Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica and Austria before landing in Berlin, where he has lived since 2008. He has worked in several restaurants in the German capital, including Chicha, Das Stue and Cookies Cream. For four years, he was chef and creative director at the first cevicheria in Germany, La Cevicheria, where he developed his vision of modern conceptual Peruvian cuisine. He also developed this concept in a series of pop-ups in different locations and various exclusive private and business events with Damian Taucher as part of the project Caliente! 

Diego and Nicole worked together for three years at La Cevicheria. They shared a passion for delicious food, a curious attitude towards new ingredients and an interest in the problem of sustainable ingredients. After reading an article, together they found the courage to order and taste their first insects. They immediately started to develop a shared vision of future food and founded this project. After there initial years collaborating together, Diego is now the head of culinary research and chef at Mikrokosmos. He investigates the tastiest ways to integrate insects into Western food culture.